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hey what’s up serena Appiah here from thrift diving comm and today we are gonna have a really great time because we’re teaming up with the Home Depot and with Clorox and we are talking cleaning your thrift store and roadside furniture because I know if you love thrift stores as much as I do you have brought home some questionable pieces of furniture so today we’re gonna actually make a thrift diving survival kit and we’re gonna talk about all the things that need to be in there wipes flashlights disposable gloves anything you need to clean that before you bring it into your car and before we do that we’re actually going to paint this little survival kit you know we’ve got to make it a little unique so let’s jump into that right now and then we’re gonna talk about everything that needs to go inside for this project we’re going to use some chalk paint I love it because it’s thick it doesn’t require any sanding and it doesn’t require any priming well when I first started on this bucket I was using a primer for a brand I’d never used before and I didn’t like how it was turning out it was just messy and running and you can see here it’s not really covering the writing on the front of this bucket so I took it out and I had to wipe everything off and when I did that it actually pulled off some of the front writing I guess it was just on there with paint and so it just took some of the painting off and I was a little concerned I wasn’t gonna

get a nice smooth surface because of that but chalk paint is perfect it doesn’t require any sanding or priming so I did one coat on the inside and let it dry typically I’d do two coats but one coat in this case was fine and then it was time to do the outside with the turquoise I thought that the lettering coming off would disturb the paint on the outside but it actually went on very easily now you’ll see here this bucket does have some dents it looks like it’s a little banged up but I’m okay with imperfections it’s alright it’s not going to harm the bucket it still looks good so I made sure I smooth that out did one coat actually I think I did two coats on the outside and sanded it with 320 grit sandpaper and then took my painting pen and just made some cute little silver dots all along the top just to give it a little bit of flare and I also did that on the inside too sometimes when I’m working on projects I just like to do little things like that that just may YOUnique so the next step was to use my personal cutting machine and I cut out vinyl stencils I love stenciling on to furniture onto buckets it just is a really easy way to personalize something that you’re painting to give it a little bit more Flair decoration so I decided to do thrifting rules what are those rules that you have to adhere to when you’re going to the thrift store well the first one is if you can’t walk away then you have to buy it that means you love it so don’t walk away because it’s not going to be there tomorrow the second rule is if you’re unsure leave it don’t buy it and the third rule which I didn’t actually film was the uglier the better I’ve bought some ugly furniture and those are the best makeovers because people don’t see the beauty that you can uncover the next step was add two coats of topcoat to protect the paint but unfortunately when I came back after letting it dry it was kind of a mess I don’t know what happened but it didn’t dry very well and it left the surface very spotty

and so I tried to add an additional coat and then turn the fan on so it helped a little bit but it still looks really good even if it’s a little bumpy well it’s been 24 hours since we have painted our cute little thrifting bucket here and I have to admit it’s so cute I love these thrifting rules and this is the motto that I live by so I love it now let’s talk about all the things that need to go inside of that so when you find something from the thrift store or the side of the road you can bring it home cleanly so the first thing we need to do is we need to actually take some measurements what is the width in the length and the depth of your trunk space and what’s the widest measurement of that piece of furniture is it going to fit if it’s not going to fit you might want to get yourself a good pair of bungee cords to put in your survival kit trust me I have bungeed some furniture in my four-door sedan so it’s possible you can do it but it’s good to note what the measurements are so that you can sort of plan a little bit better the next thing is once you know that it’s gonna fit you want to get yourself a really good high powered flashlight your phone flashlight could work but it’s really not that strong of a flashlight this one will actually have a spotlight feature so you’ll be able to reach parts of that piece of furniture that your cellphone light is not going to reach you really want to be able to inspect this thing thoroughly all right so now that we know that it’s gonna fit it doesn’t have any bugs now we actually need to clean it before we bring it into our van I always have a tarp in the back of my trunk because whenever you’re bringing things home you just want to protect your carpet right you’re in your vehicle so make sure that you have a good tarp that you can unfold put the furniture on there but first we’re gonna clean it anyway so we’re gonna have some Clorox disinfectant wipes in our survival kit because we want to be able to wipe this down and just easily toss it away these ones do not have bleach so there’s two different scents you can get I like to have one in my thrifty bucket and then one’s gonna stay in the house so you know I’ve got three boys got to clean up the doorknobs the light switches every place where the kids bring home dirt from from school but definitely get some of the wipes if you prefer the cleaning solution with bleach you can actually go with

the cleanup cleaner and bleach and what’s really cool is it’s got this spray technology here so you’re gonna get every drop and you’re not gonna have any left over into the you know in the bottom so you’re not gonna waste it and for refills you can actually buy the larger container just keep it in your utility room as you run out just refill it and you’re always ready to go all right so now that we know that it’s clean we actually want to make sure that those drawers and those doors are safe make sure that you’ve got a good roll of tape so that when you’re bringing things home you can tape those drawers close and you’re not going to have one fall on your foot now thrift stores love putting these stickers on there that are so difficult to get off so you got to have a scraper I love to just scrape the price tag off it saves me from having to scrub it with a towel it just doesn’t work very well and of course you gotta have some gloves you don’t want to touch some of these dirty pieces of like furniture that you’re bringing home and it’s always good to have a pair of work gloves all right a couple other things these bags are amazing these are contractor bags they’re bigger they’re thicker sometimes you’re gonna find small pieces of furniture or things that you’re not going to be able to check or clean right away have some of these in your survival kit so that you can toss things in there and then when you get home before you bring it into your garage or your Hou you can unload it outside and check it and of course if you have any pieces of furniture with loose legs things that need to be tightened up definitely have a screwdriver and sometimes a hammer might be helpful too you can have a Philips and a flathead screwdriver to because

you never know what kind of screws they’re gonna have and of course scissors and some extra paper towels if you need it now if you are giving this as a gift get your friend a nice paint brush and get them a few containers of their favorite colors of chalky paint it’s that way when they’re ready to get started on a project they have what they need to get started on painting that piece of furniture that they just brought home so these are all the things that I recommend for your thrift diving survival kits so now we’re going to load this thing up and then we’re going to take it out to my vehicle and see if we can find a nice place for it in my van so let’s admit it even the before of this metal bucket from the thrift store was really cute but I love the painted one with my top three thrifting rules it has everything I need to safely and cleanly lug home my very next amazing thrift store our roadside fine so as you can see furniture can be very dirty and you got to be prepared you don’t want to be bringing that stuff into your van and into your house so the next time you’re at the thrift store make sure you have your tarp make sure you have your cleaning supplies and make sure you have your thrift i’veeen survivor kit I will see you next video and you can always subscribe and find me at thrift ivy calm

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