Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

Charming Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer 68 In Small Home Remodel Ideas with Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

crap you guys I got bit by spider so I’m either gonna die or get superpowers preferably the letter hi guys welcome to my channel my name is sandy Santos and here we talk about all things interior design I am actively an interior design student and you oughta clicked on this video because you’re thinking about becoming a student or you’re activist student maybe in your early years and there are some things you want to know for continuing your education or things you want to know about if you are thinking about going to school which either category you fit into there’s still four things I think that you need to know about point is go for design so so let’s dive into it your design is very different than tear decorating and then term interior design gets tossed around a lot when in fact you’re mostly talking about decorating so when people are thinking of interior design they are possibly thinking the mainstream message is a HGTV the DIY channel the renovation shows on TLC Extreme Home Makeover and those things actually have actual interior design aspects in them but they’re not necessarily super fun to watch so the shows will play up all the decorative stuff because that’s what people want to see the end result but so much goes into redesigning in space and building a house that’s math science psychology that people aren’t really seeing on TV so they think it’s just super fun to decorate and decorating is really fun and you do

need to be a good decorator to be a good designer you do not however need to be interior designer to be a decorator so what that means is generally most people in most states you need a certification to be able to call yourself an interior designer if not you then have to call yourself into your decorator if you don’t have the CD datian so that is going to be the there’s like I think I am that you take it’s pretty hardcore like how someone has to take the bar to be a lawyer you have to pass medical exams to be a doctor same thing to be in tears I know there’s like a huge test that you take and and two designers are going to do things like knocked on knocked on your wall beside where your outlets are gonna go what’s your HVAC system always look like that’s the air conditioning system and a decorator is just going to do things like thick finishes and oh you know what pillows what furniture what rug are you putting here what drapes are we doing here you know that is super fun but again it is decorating not design design is borderline architecture and when you’re in school you think that you’re learning about oh how to how to you know put this these colors together how to put this rug with this throw pillow you were never ever going to take a class on how to decorate ever instead in school you learn all the theory behind cut like color psychology why would something go with something you learned about space planning you learn about lighting and the psychology of lighting the science of lighting and you knowing all this theoretical stuff then you’re able to implement it and put it more into helping you decorate but there’s never a decorating class that you take specifically so the second thing I want you to know about goings

Charming Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer 68 In Small Home Remodel Ideas with Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer
Charming Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer 68 In Small Home Remodel Ideas with Things You Should Know About Becoming An Interior Designer

go for interior design is that there are some schools that have accreditation and some schools that do not so the creation comes from the National Council of interior designers qualifications that’s NC idq and what that means is that there are huge group of people who who are designers themselves and they study everything and they pull in all the roles that are required for you to really be qualified to be an interior designer and then they make sure that the school’s got their backing meet all those meet all those benchmarks and such so that way they know that students that are graduating from this school are up to the rigor of their standards so if you go to school that does not have that then they’re not Const being tested or benchmark and check by Sita I believe that check every three years out of school and school in the schools of work prior to then show projects of these where our students are doing and then Sita will say oh you know these project that your students have turned in qualify or match what we’re looking for in our students and lalala but there are schools that have pseudo certification in service that don’t if you’re just looking to be an interior decorator then I would just go with the school that doesn’t have it it doesn’t look it because they don’t the program will probably be less rigorous than it does and not everyone has to go into being into your designer or even being an interior decorator so there are some schools that don’t have it or people will go into staging a set or home staging for a real estate or interior styling for photo shoots or there’s just so many other things that you can do with a design degree that has nothing to do with actually actively working with clients so if you’re actually interested in the video in that let me know and comment down below because I would be interested in letting you guys know what other career paths there are that haven’t had nothing to do with actually being an interior designer but you can still do it with a degree right three so this I have never seen in anyone elses video but it’s very true for me and I would imagine that’s true for other people is you do not need a portfolio to get into your design program I repeat you do not need a portfolio to go into an

interior design program I thought you did because I this is my second career path I already have a degree in PR and I decided you know PR wasn’t you know what I thought was going to be and I wanted to leave and go into something that I thought was more exciting and I was like oh man I’m not able to get into these schools because I can’t sure I couldn’t draw I can’t now but I couldn’t draw I like stick figures you guys I didn’t know anything about like coloring and shading and making things look realistic or 3d or this or that doing models like you have to make these 3d models out of foam board and I was like I don’t have anything to show them like I all I have is lots of writing because that’s what you do in PR you write a lot so I did not have a portfolio but I applied to schools here in Georgia and that’s where I am in the land specifically and I’m one of the programs I applied to was SCAD so this is a Vanna College of Art and Design which I believe is the number one interior design program in the nation and they have been like consecutively for a few years and I applied the air like I’m not gonna get in because I’m all I have is all PR stuff in the resume PR this peer of that but I did have I am a strong writer and there’s an essay portion so I was able to you know pour my heart into that and explain you know why I was going into this and explained what we know this is what I was doing and I left I’m doing this and I did have you know my transcripts and grades from when I was at school at Florida State and today and all that seemed to work I never submitted a portfolio I got into that school I got into other schools and I decided not to go scouts so I’m not student there but it was still you know really reassuring to get into the top

program in the nation and having zero experience in interior design in zero portfolio so this actually leads me into my fourth thing that you need to know about going to school for design and that is you it doesn’t have to be your first career choice when I started interior design here in Atlanta and I was going to all these functions and meeting all these designers a lot of them started in finance or business or they were cooking or just doing something totally different they were a lawyer some people come into it from fashion and fashion is perfectly like very very adjacent to interior design but a lot of people even told me themselves they’re like you know it’s like a second or third career choice for a lot of people so if you’re feeling discouraged because you’re like oh man I already spent time in school for this thing or I had these other jobs and I don’t have any relationships with anyone do not let that discourage you because it is not a first career choice for everyone a lot of the videos I’ve seen are people coming straight out of high school well having gone into it I went I got out of high school I went to Florida State I was there for four years studying something completely different god three I worked at a firm and then did not end up sticking with that and I just jumped fish-out-of-water into something else and it worked and that’s because a lot of people here are just doing the same thing so they completely understand your position so do not let that discourage you and those are my four things that you need to know so remember you don’t need a portfolio you don’t have to have it be your first career choice you might want to look into whether or not you want to go into a Cetus certified school or a seat are not accredited school and you know that there’s a difference between design and decorating and decide what school you want to go to based on what it is that you want to do thanks for watching guys if you want to see more videos like this let me know comment below follow me on social let me know what you think leave all your questions and I promise I’ll get back to you alright thanks for watching

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