The Right Grout Color Options For Your Backsplash

Awesome The Right Grout Color Options For Your Backsplash 21 For Small Home Remodel Ideas with The Right Grout Color Options For Your Backsplash

and another option is a pencil you can use a pencil to terminate your tight oh that’s that’s called a Ron back and just a piece of ceramic bullnose it’s got one edge that’s okay so I’ll be getting a lot of questions lately about trim how to end the tile we need to come up push it along right wall like this you know this is the end of the tile and finish you want to terminate and a lot of times you buy I won’t have a boss I’m gonna go through those options in a second but so how do you go about ending your time up here also and on that on the ceiling on a corner in a niche so this videos going back in II don’t give you some of the options that are available to terminate your tile and finish your tile so that you get a nice clean finished look okay so the one that we saw just saw in that show that’s that’s called the Ron back and it’s battle you can get this in stainless steel you can get it in brass well you can get it in different colors you know whole bunch of different colors and basically what you do set your tile like that and that finishes the edge of the top the time but if you don’t want to use a metal and they don’t make it this is a bull Mo’s yet this is just a piece of ceramic bull nose it’s got one edge that’s you know that’s rounded so when you finish your wall and then you get the rounded edge because if you use just a regular tile without you got a rough edge so this here this kind of provides a finished edge now some of these tiles like this one here for example it’s not possible well might look all right but because the color is pretty similar to the color of these of the base the bisque so it might look alright but this is actually a glazed porcelain tile if you’ve

got a through body pass on top where the color of the tile goes all the way through it’s all the same color all the way through okay so thirsty I say it’s hard to see but this young polish side that’s the face with the side I publish another option is a pencil if you use a pencil to terminate your tile and finish your tile and then you know this is a topic tile on your wall or wherever maybe in the ceiling and they don’t make one note for the style they actually do make bullnose for this particular tile but I didn’t want to use it so you know you can use a pencil line this is a this is actually a marble pencil liner but you can get ceramic ones you can get all kinds of you can get glass pencil liners they make them all different kinds of all shapes and sizes or so you know this is that I think it’s a three-quarter you get them in half inch you can get them much narrower and so another option is was a chair out this is this is a chair rail this actually is not the kind I I was wondering to show and got like the finished edge but you know you got a chair rail you can get these in marble you can get them in in all kinds of finishes so you can terminate your your tie like that you know with you know we’re just putting your chair rail on top sometimes people like to do different combinations they put a chair rail a pencil and then a boarder a lot of times they’ll use like a mosaic or that way so so many different offices you can use so this particular option here what I have this this is called Ron dak and it’s just this one here this profile here to finish the edge you can have a square finish like that very low prior profile finished edge like that and in this case we actually used it on the for the cup because we did a really low huh yeah so this is no to pinch the cup and then we used it on you know on the return wall and on the Plata and on the ceiling so if we didn’t if we didn’t want to use this and and the manufacturer actually made a bull lows for this tile we could use

the bull nose they had this tile is 32 inches by 16 inches they actually made a 32 inch Momo’s and we could have used that one here and then another one here so we would have had a few more grout lines the problem with bull Moses is so sometimes no because they’re made at different times you get the even though it might be the same a model of tile the the the column might be slightly off because they made at different times one might be one dialog one might be another so you have to be careful about that when you use these you can use you can get a quote around going around the corner like there’s there’s a piece that they make that will come around a picture of something like that you have to trim out Nisha’s hey you know you finish your wall terminate you all corners another option is mitre you can miter the corners you do is you cut this cut cut the tile at a 45 degree angle going in that way I’m gonna have to I’ll show you what a pitch a you cut it cut it and come together when you get up just a very narrow route line in the horn that’s not that’s another option so don’t limit yourself to just boom rolls there’s a lot of different options you can use that sometimes you might even give you a look that you like even more than just a ball most if you’re buying a wall top they’ll probably have a bull nose for the wall palettes because it’s made specifically from wall so you need to terminate that and know they will make a lot of times you know our bundles but a lot of these larger format tiles which are porcelain and they don’t make the bull nose in the trim for the tile so you have to go with a different option so I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what is available and these are just some options as I said this there’s many more so when you’re in the tile store looking for you for your tile and you’re and you’re deciding on the shrimp just don’t look at the bull moles like I said and just look at your other options pencil liner chair rail a metal trim of different shapes and sizes so also when you get in buying these metal spoons for you put your feet I’ll you wanna make sure you get the right thickness detail they come in different different sizes for different towns like this is for a half inch deep tile that’s both quarter inch that’s very very small so you just see and look and what you know you want to mash up your your trim to to your your your time they’ve even got plastic ones this one’s plastic you can get a five plastic one state and if you’ve got like a a nice like I was doing I used inside corners they make inside corners they call this or

you can get outside corner they make outside corners and they make inside corners these here if you got to go around the corner you can miter these and bring them together or you can you can polish it you know rounded rounded off and polish it he had on this floor here had used a scuba metal there’s a cap for the baseboard so that’s a super metal hard this has been on for a very long time this one here and so that’s an also an option to so there’s a lot of different options you can use to trim out your tile don’t be limited to your typical all style bullnose like I said these could be off in color a lot of times you don’t even see it like you get your wall tile on you get your bull nose on and then what happens if you go out it’s the bull nose is a different color to the wall tile so you know some people okay with that other people you know they don’t like it because it’s supposed to be the same color and on a subway tile many times I’ll have like imagine this is the subway tile they’ll have the blue Mo’s on the long side they also make them foot with the bull nose on the short side but when we’re stacking your tile you don’t have to put that that edge you know break it off and have yeah you’re running bond come to a bull nose and then you know you’ve got an vertical line or where you didn’t have any so if you get them the boom of the the subway tile with a rounded edge you can just continue your pattern up the wall without having to do a vertical bull know some people like that so it all depends on what you’re planning on doing but if you know your options you can get a lot of different ways that you can can trim out your tile so so if this is your first time seeing my videos my name is Sal de Blasio my youtube channel has over 700 videos with everything to do the tile a lot of tutorials a lot of how-to videos on how to do pretty much anything you need to know about tile so check it out and leave your comments in the comment section below and don’t forget to subscribe and if you don’t mind check me out on patreon and maybe you can support me there I’d really appreciate it but most of all don’t forget to subscribe thanks a lot you

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