Student Ministry (7th-12th Grade)

Abundant Life Fellowship Youth

We know what it's like to be young and crazy in today's culture.  With peer pressure, fads and a desire to be part of the in-crowd, a generation of iphones, ipads and facebook, it's easy to forget what really matters.  Our student ministry is designed and geared to allow you to hang out with people your own age, who go through the same struggles that you do.  You'll discover that we break the stereotype about church and learn ways to honor and worship God in ways that are real, meaningful and most of all - authententic!  Though we take time to have fun and enjoy ourselves - the core of our time together is focused on the study of God's word and centering our lives on the Gospel.  

9:00am - Sunday School
10:00am - Worship Service

6:30 pm







"Let no one look down on you in your youth but set an example for believers in speech, life, ove and purity." (1 Timothy 4:12)