Director of Children Ministries

Kimberly Newcomer

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On Staff Since:
June 2012


One day I was really tired of just going through the motions of life. Growing up in the church I always knew God was there. I found Him as a young teen and proved He really was their for me even though He did not need to. As an adult I found myself waking up each day being satisfied with just being a good Christian. I did all that was expected. If there was a class, I joined, a church event, we were there, or a volunteer needed, I did my part. It was all done, I was a good Christian but not the kind God called us to be. God grabbed my life through a song and since that day I have never been the same. . .I did not want to go one more day without His all consuming passion inside of me. . .I didn't want to spend my whole life asking, WHAT IF I HAD GIVEN EVERYTHING.  Being apart of children's lives is such a BLESSING! It is a Joy to Honor You, My King!!

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