Pastor of Family Ministries

Danny Isom

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On Staff Since:
July 1992

While driving down my neighborhood street, my heart and mind collided with this poignant reality-  Behind every brick and stone front and well manicured lawn was a unique family: single moms, empty nesters, the traditional mom and dad with three kids and a mutt, people on top, and those on rock bottom in pain and turmoil.  That moment left me with a deeper commission unto God to reach N.W. Corpus for home at a time. I am also concerned over the well-being of my own children who live in a world that has lost its grip on what moral absolute value is. Even the church of today finds difficulty in it's explanation of absolutes.

Nevertheless, I, and the other staff members at Abundant Life Fellowship, find our direction and passion to be clear and absolute. We are consumed by God's calling to see that our families know the Christ of whom life and love and salvation originate and through Him is sustained.

I accept the role alongside my wife in being our children's primary faith influencers.  Then, through example and through the expression of word, (God's Holy Bible) encourage other parents to be the same for their children.  Children and adolescents are starving to death for truth and relevancy. They no longer choose to hear yet another message of faith hypocrisy; rather, they want to see it lived out. They are hungry to be influenced by a faith that has the power to change them.

I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for He has entrusted to me family: To my wife Leanne and three children. I will be that authentic picture of faith first to them; and then partner with other parents in becoming primary faith influencers to their children. 

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