Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer

Beautiful Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer 78 on Interior Decor Home with Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer
Beautiful Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer 78 on Interior Decor Home with Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer
Beautiful Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer 78 on Interior Decor Home with Have The Expertise To Design To Be For An Interior Designer

in Canada when you want to become an interior designer it’s actually really simple we can talk to the design team a little bit today too and ask each one individually how they became an interior designer but step one is really getting your into your design training good morning so a lot of you guys have been asking me I would have to say I think one of the top questions hands down that comes in whether it’s through YouTube whether its Instagram just through my social media is a question around how to become an interior designer and so I want to answer that because you guys have been asking that question so much and I think you give a lot of value around this topic and I’ve been reading between the lines a little bit I think so you guys can let me know if this is correct or not but I believe when you guys are asking me how to become an interior designer I believe what you’re really asking is how did I get to where I am I didn’t know that interior design even existed as a career when I thought of interior design in university it wasn’t necessarily an option for me because I was like well I don’t really want to pick paint and fabric for a living like that sounds boring and once I graduated from university I kind of fell into the design industry as fate would have it and move to Calgary got a two-bedroom place my best friend and landed a job at ellipses design it’s no longer in Calgary but at the time ellipses design sold furniture and we did home consultations and ellipses design its signature was it would we would design furniture in house send those designs to places like China have them built and these furniture pieces would come back for clients and so that was my whole introduction into the design field prior to that I hadn’t

professionally done anything design wise and I decided I didn’t want to stay in Calgary so I moved back to Vancouver thought you know what I don’t Antonio what I want to do with my career I know I want to have my own business but I don’t even know what that looks like right now I’m just gonna enroll my self in design school and take a course and I’ll just see what happens I’ll take it from there enrolled myself in one course and completely fell in love with what we were doing like loved it I loved that we were talking about color theory I couldn’t believe that this was school like it just completely did not feel like school to me when I went to school I did one year I did the certificate program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology at BCIT and that was enough for me I didn’t want to go on anymore and chose not to so a lot of what I do today is largely self-taught but as usual when we’re filling a day in the life you guys get to come along for the Friday so you guys get to see the inside the inner workings oh and I wanted to ask you guys actually because I think me and my team included we need a little bit of reassurance from you guys that you’re not bored with the day in the life stuff for us you know we show up at the office every day and then we film part of our days and and so sometimes you can feel a little bit repetitive but I just need to know from you guys that you’re not feeling like it’s repetitive I don’t think that you are but I think it would just be good if you guys let us know in the comments below a dreamy could you do me a quick favor so that you could run down and grab just a bagel with cream cheese last week I pulled 14 pairs of shoes that I’m gonna donate to Dress for Success yeah you know I love purging with warehouse’ blonde is that right now I’ve built a really awesome company and I’m so excited with so many of the opportunities that we have coming out and last week I spent a little bit of time doing some business

development with some potential new clients we have a huge opportunity because I don’t know of another firm and make Hoover that’s doing multifamily work presidential work restaurant work retail work so when you have this like really diverse portfolio which to me is like super super super exciting I feel like we’re doing such a good job of differentiating ourselves in the marketplace and that’s only going to continue to grow and I also feel and truly feel like I’ve never been as excited by the team as I am right now so I’ve never I feel like everybody that’s on the team I’m so so excited about what you bring to the table the audience everybody has been asking me how to become an interior designer so I feel like everybody has different paths but I feel like the number one way is would go to school for design yeah what was your path how did you start working here like what were the steps after high school yeah straight to college I didn’t take any time off let’s write to school finish my program when you went when you went as so you graduated high school and then you went to an into your design school yeah which is the Vancouver College of Art and Design it’s that’s in Vancouver so this is what I was saying earlier because if people want to know how to get into interior design there’s interior design specific schools that set you up for working in the field and now Oh crazy six years like if you’re doing it part-time yeah that’s what I was saying to when I went to be CIT I only did the one year program but at the time you could only do a diploma so you could only go to school for two years whereas now it’s a degree program so it’s a four-year program Christy how did you become an interior designer what was your path yeah and then I kind of just tested out the waters where we liked it and you start a little bit later to like you weren’t like Karina where Karina started right after high school yeah you didn’t start right after high school yeah yeah yeah yeah which is like me – I didn’t want to do a full time program you know people ask me all the time Carrie Carrie Karen what courses should I take if I want to become an interior designer that’s an odd question for me because in Canada there’s design interior design specific schools so I don’t know if other schools offer electives that have anything to do with into your design as long as you can get into a design school I think those are the courses that you should take and we’re going in cat how’s that going I mean you guys should probably just started but yeah I mean I this is what I had on Friday okay and then so Jill has given me much more I know her actually as soon as she’s like done she’s just gonna print it and just keep handing it to me okay and then she’s starting the red line okay so I have a deadline to send all the drawings to print for for yeah tomorrow afternoon okay okay so then you feel good about that then it’s a lot of stuff like I don’t think it’s gonna be 100% done for you to look at tomorrow no I don’t expect it to be Hunter wasn’t done for tomorrow but what would be great is like

there’s a package we can start looking at you know floorplan RCP finishes plan and then I’ll start looking at the elevation so that if we need to lay out the package we can do that yes for me it’s really it’s about the technical training you need to learn how to read construction drawings you need to learn how to draft construction drawings that technical skills that you learn at design school is something that you have to learn at school you really can’t learn that on the job no matter how hungry you were there’s no way that I would hire you as a designer even an intern designer if you didn’t have some of that background first because it’s just the programs that we use are too complicated to teach you can’t learn that on the job and for me it just wouldn’t be a good investment it would be way too time-consuming so for anyone that’s thinking about getting into the design field that is the first place to start is to go and get your training with a very technical savvy design school because that’s gonna set you up for getting a job and you will be very very very employable if you’ve got a really good technical background you know I left school early and as some of you guys have asked me why and you know part of it was because one of the instructors in design school who practically failed me one of my last projects and even today looking back I think this woman just had a chip on her shoulder for whatever reason she couldn’t hack it in the industry but her barely passing me on my final project meant that I couldn’t go on to do the diploma program even if I wanted to without having to redo the course and you know what by that time I was doing my training part-time I had like I said already gone to university had already done a double major I had studied abroad I had a full a full time job while I was going to design school at Stan tech consulting a huge engineering and architecture firm I was doing tons of sustainability work I was working on a number of amazing buildings around Vancouver and I had a little bit of experience working with other firms a small residential firm rate when I got out of into a design school and then basically after working at that firm for only a few months I decided to go out on my own right away because I got an opportunity to work on a restaurant project and that was really exciting to me I’ve really wanted to take that on so I did and now backward however many years later about to go into my ninth celebrate nine years in business at how Sivan worked on huge projects international projects have built my business I said it before there’s no formula to success there’s no formula you can’t do what I’ve done and then just poof you know end up where I am because your background might be different your emotional tolerance for building a business might be different you might come from different circumstance I don’t know it’s like all of those factors that contribute to you getting to where you want to go becoming an interior designer is not a difficult thing starting a business is much more difficult but growing and actually sustaining and scaling a business is the hardest thing that you could possibly do so you know are you up for the challenge I hope that some of that information was helpful to those of you who have been asking about how to become an interior designer I hope I was able to summarize that nicely for you and then you got something out of this episode as always thank you so much for watching please subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done that already and I’ll see you in the next one bye for now arrived Edmonton we’re having a chill weekend this weekend hanging out with the family actually so excited

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