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a lot of us that want to extend the season we want to be outside you know cooking having some fun you also want to think about what this is all happening on which is the deck exactly okay so there are so many options so many are decking material there’s so many yeah there’s so many it gets a little confusing so we’re going to go through some decking options so you can pick the right deck material for for your outdoors starting with what we have in front right so on the Florida we have decking tiles and these are primarily used for a lot of patios and balconies you have a flat level compacted surface it’s kind of decking 101 I know tools required easy installation but you need to have a flat level base you cannot put it on grass or on earth because it can be inconsistent but the UV resilient it’s an all-season product it’s made of high quality resin does need to be stain or treated or really maintained low maintenance so they didn’t last forever then pretty much locking them these products have a twenty to twenty five year warranty that’s good that’s great okay so next what we have well the same product is just a different shape and style yeah same it’s just a different shape this is a 12 by 24 versus a 12 by 12 you can put them together into regular patterns its resin it’s easy to cut easy to install same idea patios and balconies or compacted surfaces not grass or not on dirt or on our gravel I like the way the second one no it’s good like those slats so you’ve got color options then is lots of color options the pallet the color pallet these is almost like paint colors nowadays so people can pick the pallet to match their home they don’t have to stain it painted or private it’s kind of a one-time thing right okay now if you do want to

stain it and I’m it and paint it let’s get into the natural wood progress or the pressure team right so this here is pressure treated this is by far the most common product this is called pressure treated Pro Sienna it’s relatively new it’s meant to look like cedar Pat retreat originally was kind of that nuclear green people didn’t like it it was kind of toxic this is a preservative that’s been approved by CSA so it’s safe to be around kids it’s safe to cut it is actually half the price of cedar it lasts anywhere between thirty and forty years we don’t actually know how long these last it’s UV resilient no you said yours had faded over time we have that in our backyard and yeah it’s time to time Justin here some went on it a coat of stain or paint I have this at home and I actually in fact painted it and it looks amazing oh really so how long did that paint hold up for the paint actually went on for two years and and good it’s still great okay that’s good Wow cuz I thought about painting it but I don’t know where I’m kind of on the fence cuz I like that natural wood right I would prefer a standard oil that absorbs the stain as opposed to something has a urethane cuz the urethane or stink or paint can flake off right you’re getting into sanding and scraping I were to supply an oil to it okay over time as it fades you see why I host the show I just get my own personal advice just get my own personal question exactly okay so let’s move on to this now this is this this is cedar so if you love wood this is the product right here everybody loves cedar the smell of it the texture the only issue is it costs twice as much as pressure-treated material so these boards can be let’s say ten dollars these are easily 20 dollars and they last half as long so it’s twice as much and last house is long but they’re resilient to a moisture to rot and to insects so people like to put these in saunas or wet applications such as a doc if you have waterfront property you can’t have pressure treated material yeah people like to use the cedar I like it but the thing is it Gray’s very soon starts to

look like an old barn we have to sand it treat it there’s a lot more work in this it seems it does the economics don’t really add up with this that it cost half is it cost twice as much last house as long and you have to work at it all the time no it’s just such a jewel I know it smells great smells good yeah when it’s first installed it looks incredibly easy and then next timer comes around your light looks like a old barn yeah and I don’t know I got to work on okay but good to know good to know I like I love all these products but you know bang for your buck that is probably number one most people do that these are all premium decking materials so moving along the table here okay this is a composite decking and you can see it has this saw fake wood grain in it yes they’re really easy to install they come in a broad range of color palettes it’s slip resistant and it’s splinter resistant so these type of woods here they splinter so you have little kids running around or crawling this stuff is not going to splinter or a cause you know people to get hurt right it’s a one-time thing a one-time installation it’s basically guaranteed for life in the same price range but you put it in once and that’s it and then that’s and that’s it has this actually nice little edge here to do this screwless system now a lot of people when you do decks depending on

the size you don’t want to see the screws right because it’s really kind of throw off the lines this here has this little notch or you can in fact screw the screws in on the edge here you get really nice clean lines it actually looks like laminate flooring that you would have in your home it does I get that why people might be resistant to this though like it’s really good for in terms of its low maintenance but I think that it there’s also it doesn’t look as natural no no I like that you’ve got the wood grains they’re exact trying this one’s even a little bit more natural-looking well I like this one this is a new product that I’m actually just trying to get familiar with this is a heat treated or heat modified wood this was it says they can come in pine arash like you know this here is pine but it’s a product that was developed in Europe around 15 years ago and they heat treat it with steam and heat and it extracts all the moisture and SAP out of the wood so it does natural wood will start to move and start to check this doesn’t do it but the same thing it’s a premium product so it costs a lot is already expensive this would be expensive it actually looks a lot like eBay it is tropical boards it’s a fractional cost of IPE it’s much lighter to use but like anything else it’s a premium product to put in yeah and it’s at but it’s actually wood right right design on it and it also has this system here to do the screwless decking system right people are all about having really clean lines now so this gets screwed into your structure and then afterwards these boards they get clicked in so you have even clean lines because over time you put deck boards and like the pressure-treated which is injected with moisture you can start to shrink in that’s right contract good stuff that’s so many great options thank you for that

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